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It's fun scrolling through the real estate sites and looking at the various homes that are for sale around East Texas. There are some extremely oversized homes for sale that are gorgeous and unique and just about anyone would like to live in a home like that if they could afford it! Then there are some homes that make you scratch your head and wonder, 'What was the homeowner thinking?'

Six Months On The Market AND It's Still For Sale!

Well, this Mt. Pleasant home at 1107 Williams Ave. has been on the market now for six months and it definitely is one that will leave you talking about it. When I feature a home there's usually something unique or a cool aspect to it that I like - whether it's a luxurious and spacious primary bedroom, a gourmet chef's kitchen or an elaborate outdoor entertainment area with a fantastic pool with picturesque views. Well, this home in Mt. Pleasant has some of those things and then it has something a bit different and it's still for sale. The unique feature of this home is the wild game trophy den. Of all the homes that I've seen online, this is a first.

Looking at the pictures of the inside of this home, it reminds me of when I would take my daughter to explore Brookshire's Wildlife Museum in Tyler, Texas.

Honestly, I've never seen this in a home before. Now I know hunting is a big deal here in East Texas and hunters love to display their trophies from the hunt. Whether it's a mounted deer head or a fully taxidermied bobcat, waterfowl, or some other animal, displaying them in this manner is a common thing. This Mt. Pleasant home will allow the ultimate game hunter a new way to display their animals.

What is a 'wild game trophy den'?

The den features an extremely realistic rocky landscape where animals can be positioned to look like they are traversing up or down the cliff face or stand on the top like they're playing 'king of the hill'. This feature is highlighted by a mural featuring clouds and a dry prairie landscape completely backlit and spotlights within the rocks and from above. You can have your own Brookshire's Wildlife Museum in your home.

David Mayben at Mayben Realty, LLC via Zillow
David Mayben at Mayben Realty, LLC via Zillow

What about the rest of the home?

This five-bedroom, six-bathroom home covers more than 7000 square feet and sits on a little less than an acre of land (0.91 acres). The wide-open concept features a commercial-grade kitchen, a grand fireplace, and an in-ground pool in the backyard.

The home on Williams Ave. in Mt. Pleasant is currently on the market for $1,125,000. When it comes to interiors, this home ranks up there as being one of the most unique in East Texas.

Inside Of This Mt. Pleasant Home Looks Like Brookshire's Wildlife Museum

This Mt. Pleasant home features something called a wild game trophy den.

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