The folks at "It's A Southern Thing" have another hit on their hands; The Happy Honk and Bless Your Horn. I would really like someone to develop this for real and see if can work in a real life situation.

It might.

There would need to be a saying for people who can't drive the right way in a directional parking lot. Something to the effect of, "You can't see the huge arrows on the ground and all the cars going the correct direction. Well bless your heart."

Maybe one that says, "Honey, you should read the driver's ed manual again."

We really need to get better behind the wheel. There's the 95% that do it right. All it takes is that 5% to mess the commute.

But I digress.

Hope you enjoyed this video from "It's A Southern Thing." Check out more of their great videos on their Youtube channel.

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