I have to admit, sometimes I miss the mark on presents. I want to get something good but occasionally it doesn't work out like I had hoped it would. So earlier this year when Savannah was celebrating her birthday I wanted to do something unique. After thinking it over and getting a suggestion from a coworker I got my wife an introductory flight lesson with flight instructor Don Jones in Tyler, Texas.

When Savannah and I first met in college she took one class on aviation so I thought it would be fun to learn more and get to jump into a smaller plane for a flight and it was better than I ever expected. The introductory flight first began at Johnson Aviation next to Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. Don took us upstairs and gave us more information about how the wind hits the wings which essentially creates the lift. He also explained why airport runways are set up in specific directions, it was all very fascinating.

Then We Got Outside to See the Plane We Were About to Fly In

The plane we used was just a 4-seater but after lots of checking for safety purposes we were ready for the flight. Savannah and Don were in the front seat while I was taking photos and videos from the back seat everyone was enjoying the trip. The take off was very smooth and I could see Don giving Savannah instructions but it was a little too loud for me to hear in the back seat with noise cancelling headphones on.

Such Beautiful Views of East Texas While In the Air

We originally headed west of Lake Palestine and had some fun turns inside the plane above the lake. Don then flew us right over our house, showed us the traffic on Old Jacksonville Highway, and Broadway Avenue. The views of East Texas from in the air were gorgeous, and the introductory flight was a blast. If you're looking for a creative gift idea I would highly suggest looking into a introductory flight, you will make memories and be talking about the experience for a long time.

Introductory Flight Lesson in Tyler, Texas

It was so much fun taking photos during an introductory flight lesson in Tyler, Texas.

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