It's A Southern Thing on YouTube has done it again. "It" being the perfect description of living in the South. If you've never checked out their videos, stop by their channel and check it out. From grandma to gnats to hurricanes (and a whole lot more), their channel is the best way to teach everyone what it's like to live in the South.

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It is nice that Winter only lasts about a week in the South. Not like the week we had this  past Winter with temperatures dropping below zero. It's the week where our lows get into the 20's and the highs in the 40's, maybe a small ice storm thrown in. That's a Southern Winter.

That leads into Spring in the South. The thermometer gets a workout. Mother Nature can't decide between being hot or cold. Temperatures will dip into the 50's, or even the 40's, and rebound to 83 by the afternoon, followed by a low of 73 the next morning. Oh, and the thunderstorms. Yes, the thunderstorms are massive and beautiful but could also kill you. Thanks tornadoes.

Summer will roll around about the end of May or early June. When most are just starting to put away their coats, we're enjoying the warmth on our boat on the lake. Just don't try to do what this lady in the video wants to do, move heavy stuff while it's hot. It could literally kill you trying to move a couch or a dresser in July.

Fall doesn't arrive until about mid-November. It's not unheard of to enjoy Thanksgiving in shorts and flip flops, though. Yeah, the South is weird, but a weird we love and wouldn't trade for anything.

Oh, and the banana pudding. That's the reason to convince someone to move to the South. One bite into those real banana slices with the vanilla wafers on top and you are transported to another dimension known as happiness and joy.

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