We're polite in the South. We say hi to strangers. We say goodbye to our guests. The thing about those goodbyes is they can go on for a while, like a long while.

The scenario is usually the same, it turns about 9:30 p.m. The time has come for everyone to head out so you say your first "we gotta run". The current conversation wraps up, guests start gathering their things, then another topic pops up. The topic is meant to be short and sweet but turns into four other conversations.

Thirty minutes later, your arm is tired from holding your stuff and those four conversations finally come to an end. Everyone makes the trek out the front door. Dad unlocks the car to let the kids in, mom starts loading their stuff. The kids get settled and the dads start talking about their current vehicles, the moms start talking about the kiddos.

Thirty minutes later and the kids are asking "can we go to the bathroom?" They run inside and come right back out. In those few minutes, the moms and dads have started a whole new conversation.

Thirty minutes later and everyone is in the car and finally starting to pull out of the driveway. An hour and a half goodbye? That's actually kinda short by Southern standards.

Enjoy the perfect example of a Southern goodbye in the video from It's A Southern Thing above. Give them a subscribe, too. Their videos are on point.

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