As a guy, I have a rule for myself, I will never dig in a woman's purse. Why? Because I'll get swallowed into a black hole of which there is no return. Ladies, how y'all keep up with what's in there I'll never know. And to be honest, a woman's purse is like Thor's hammer, guys will never be worthy to pick it up...because there's so much in there.

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So what typically is contained in your purse, ladies? I picked up my girlfriend's purse one time and thought I was lifting weights at the gym. And what's in there? Umm, her wallet which is overstuffed with receipts, cards, random papers, about $18 in change on the bottom and just random stuff.

But then, some guys have the wallet that's overstuffed with receipts, notes and other stuff. I do not like to do that. My wallet just has the basics, driver's license, debit card, insurance card and a couple of dollars in cash. I really am a fan of not sitting crooked.

I will say while watching the above video, having an air compressor in the purse is a brilliant idea. The wine and glasses is good, too. If you could add some whiskey and a couple of shot glasses, that'd be awesome.

I hope you enjoyed this video and check out more from It's A Southern Thing at their Youtube channel.

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