It's been a long road for the candidates and that road ends this evening. They've been out there pounding the pavement, shaking hands, debating, hanging up their political signs all in an effort to swing the votes in their favor. Although in my case, I've never once shook the hands of a candidate, I did watch them debate, nor did I put a political sign in my yard, but that didn't stop me from voting this morning.

On this cool crisp November morning I was in line at my voting location along with 45 other people waiting to cast my ballot -- something that a lot of people around the world never get to do. I was out exercising my right as an American to make my vote count, something you should do too.

Many people don't get out and vote because they think there will be long lines, well my location had 8 voting machines and other than a small hiccup (lost power), I had to wait only 30 minutes and it only took me a couple of minutes to hit that red "VOTE" button at the end of the ballot.

I urge you to exercise your right as an American too and get out there and vote today, but you have until 7p to get in line to cast your ballot. If you're not sure where you need to go to vote, I've got a little help for you right here, because several of those in line with me were not allowed to vote because they were in the wrong precinct and they had to go to the correct polling location.