By now, you know that I love reading Only In Your State - it's a great way to get a wide spectrum of what the great state of Texas has to offer. But since moving from Central to East Texas, I keep seeing East Texas establishments being left off the 'best of Texas' lists. Fine, more for us here in East Texas.

it's about to get real hot in the lone star state, so earlier this week the website produced an Ice Cream Trail and it doesn't go further East than Houston and no more North than Austin... No no no. We have plenty of frozen treats to boast in East Texas, so here's a list based on personal experience and Yelp. See if you agree or if there's a hidden gem we missed.

Let's start with the obvious. Andy's Frozen Custard on Broadway is amazing. Whether you want a shake, customize concrete, sundae, banana splits - or anything that is served frozen, you'll find it here.

Have you ever seen the line sprawled out onto Broadway!? That's the proof this may be the hottest spot to go to on a hot day. Plus you can get your dog a puppy cone. And believe me, if a dog can get brain freeze, they're getting it because they always wolf them down (get it?).

My personal favorite is simple: Oreo concrete. Boom!

Located on 6106 S Broadway Ave.

Everyone who has left a review for Sweet Frog on Yelp called themselves a fanatic of the place. The establishment always rotates an interesting menu of flavors and has often been called the best frozen yogurt in Tyler. Toppings galore too. According to their website, the name was created to stand for Fully Rely On God, or F-R-O-G.

Check them out at 2467 Crow Road on the corner of Crow Rd and Old Jacksonville Hwy.

Braum's is one of those classic ice cream shops where you pretty much know exactly what you're going to get, and you're completely happy with it. In fact, it's probably why you went!

Judging from Yelp reviews and people who go there, Braum's has a loyal following with most people going there specifically for their ice cream. If you're looking for big 'ol fashioned scoops, stop by one of the two locations in Tyler - 7101 S. Broadway Ave or 3635 Troup Hwy.

Originally opened in Longview, this popular frozen yogurt shop now has two locations - Longview and Mt. Pleasant. According to their website, Diddy's prides itself on serving healthy products that are good for the digestive system. They also ensure that they only serve the freshest toppings/products available.

Another cool tidbit: the yogurt is frozen at the moment it's dispensed in order to provide a creamier taste that can't be matched.

Check them out in Longview at 305 W Loop 281 or in Mount Pleasant at 1401 South Jeffereson Ave.

This one is a little more outside-the-box. Instead of frozen yogurt or ice cream, you're going to find frozen cotton candy. What';s great about this light and refreshing treat is that there is an endless possibility of flavors to work with. From fruit, candy, coffee, nuts and more - you'll find the right combination for this light and fluffy frozen treat.

You can find The Patio in Jacksonville at 311 N. Jackson St.

Look at the video above - I shouldn't have to say anything other than that. But I guess I will... I've counted 66 ice cream flavors plus an assortment of low fat frozen yogurt and sorbet flavors AND 57 toppings on their website. That's a lot of combinations to please even the pickiest of ice cream eaters.

If you want a customized frozen treat, better head to 4915 S. Broadway Ave.

There you have it. Six different places to get your ice cream or frozen treat on. Did I miss a hidden gem? Let us know and we'll share the wealth of ice cream knowledge.


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