Back in 2021, we covered multiple instances of tigers running amuck in big Texas cities like Houston, San Antonio, and Laredo.

Why are all of these tiger cubs in the possession of people who have no training?

The first story came out of San Antonio in 2021 when shockingly a young girl went looking for her lost dog and peered over a neighboring fence only to discover a tiger cub was caged in the neighbor's backyard.


A little girl looking for her lost puppy finds a tiger in a neighbor's backyard.

Thankfully the little girl's lost dog had not wandered into the tiger's backyard! BUt imagine how dangerous the situation could have been, especially if the little girl was intrigued by the idea of petting a young tiger cub.

attachment-Tiger 2

Authorities approach a pet tiger with their guns drawn!

Then, not three months later, another tiger cub was found lying around the front of its home in Houston!


Don't shoot, don't shoot!

It was likely frightening for the sweet cub after a concerned deputy approached the tiger with their gun drawn and that's when the owner of the tiger, known as India, came out of the house frantically asking for the authorities not to shoot!

attachment-Tiger 3

And then again, this time in Laredo, when in Laredo a three-month-old tiger was rescued from inside a residential home.

In one of the instances, the tiger's owner was a suspect in a murder case and he was eventually arrested and is currently serving time.

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Sadly even after rescuing and rehoming these tigers, including proper care of wild cats with animal experts, tigers and other wildlife can be traumatized from the events leading up to their rescue and even die.

India died after being sedated for an examination.

After India, who had turned three years old recently, began to act oddly he was put under sedation to be examined and passed away during the procedure.

Do you think Texas needs stricter laws for cat owners?

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