It's always an exciting day for those of us in Tyler and Longview, Texas--and all over East Texas--when we hear that one of our most beloved franchises has added a new menu item for us to try.

Whataburger has added Whatawings to their menu and people are sharing their reviews online, so I decided to add mine. And honestly, any excuse to go to Whataburger AGAIN is always nice.

If you've not had the chance to try them yet, I recommend popping by your nearest East Texas Whataburger and snagging some of these Whatawings. Yeah, they're delicious. Surprised? Of course not.

Whataburger's Whatawings come in five flavors--well, really four, I guess if you count 'plain.'

But we're talking about Whataburger so even 'plain' means delicious.

So, I ran by this afternoon to the Gresham Village Whataburger and was relieved to see they were, in fact, on the menu. The sign greeted me but then left me confused as to which flavors to order.

whataburger sign
Photo: T Holley

Whatawings come in Honey BBQ, Sweet & Spicy, Buffalo, Honey Butter, and plain. After sitting in the drive-thru for an awkward amount of time, I opted for the Buffalo and Honey Butter options. Plus I ordered a small fry, because DUH.

I went home with my order and was excited to try this hot, new menu item from Whataburger.

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Please see the video below for my heartfelt reaction to Whatawings. ;) Seriously, quite good.

Yeah, it would seem they've delightfully repurposed their chicken strips by rolling them about in various flavors to create something quite yummy. Be sure and have plenty of napkins on hand.

Have you tried them yet? According to the signage, they're only around for a limited time forewarned before you find yourself too addicted to the deliciousness.

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