I know the name "Whataburger" is circling around in your brain right now, but you're wrong.


So Who Is It?

This may be a big of a "trick" question, but what restaurant has twice the locations as anywhere else. Texas, in fact, has 581 of these locations. Here's a hint, what fast food restaurant do you think every small town in Texas has? Now, consider the fact that they are NOT only in small towns. I have a feeling you're starting to hone in on the answer.

Texas Is D.Q. Country

That's right, Texas rules when it comes to Dairy Queen. Texas currently hosts 581 Dairy Queens while second place Ohio comes in at 255. Here's a dirty little Dairy Queen fact; Dairy Queen was actually born in Joliet, Illinois (after a test run of their new "soft serve" ice cream in Kankakee, Illinois).

More D.Q. History

I just had one of those D.Q. "Oh, yeah" moments. For over 30 years Dairy Queen had a cartoon spokesman/mascot. Do you remember who it was? If you answered "Dennis The Menace" you are absolutely correct. I also found it fascinating that Dairy Queen's had a thick milkshake called a "Blizzard" way back in the 60's, while the "Blizzard" you know and love dropped about 1985.

In Case You're In The Mood

D.Q. is putting some new Blizzard flavors, and bringing back some favorites beginning this Monday Picnic Peach Cobbler, Brownie Batter, Cotton Candy, Ultimate Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party, and Frosted Animal Cookie. Some locations are also doing a buy one, get one free deal with their app.

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