Every single person who lives in the state of Texas could use some extra money right now. Inflation has hit all of us pretty hard, so our dollar isn’t going as far as it used to. That’s why it’s so important to know where our money is going and especially if we have money laying around that we don’t know about. 

Most people in Texas don’t realize that there is a huge amount of unclaimed property and that could mean there is money waiting for you. According to the Texas Comptroller’s Office the money that goes unclaimed is because of things like abandoned bank accounts. These funds can also come from things like overpaying on medical or utility bills, while it might seem strange to overpay a bill, as you can tell it happens quite often.

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Over $4 Billion in Unclaimed Property Has Been Returned 

The Texas Comptroller Office reports that over $4 billion dollars in unclaimed money from people here in the lone star state. It’s interesting to know that safety deposit boxes can also become unclaimed property, if the items remain unclaimed, they can eventually be sold at auction often times those auctions take place online.  

Simple Process to Check for Unclaimed Property in Texas 

If you’re wondering if you have any unclaimed property or cash floating around it’s a very easy process to see if that is the case. You just need to click here and enter your information through the Comptroller Office. To claim the property, you will need to verify ownership before receiving any property or money.  

It’s worth taking the time to check and see if you have any unclaimed money.  

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