Buc-ee's loves Texas. Texas loves Buc-ee's. You can see the truth in that statement anytime you stop at a Buc-ee's in Texas or any other state the pit stop has built a location in. It's always big news when a new location is set to come soon in a town. That's why it was big news when a billboard popped up in New Jersey with a U-turn arrow, a mileage listed and the iconic beaver logo on it. But what is the real meaning of that billboard? Let's take a look.

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Buc-ee's Fan Theories in New Jersey

A traveler on the New Jersey Turnpike recently noticed a Buc-ee's billboard that sits along the roadway. The billboard seemed to tell drivers that if they took a U-turn and traveled 581 miles, they could enjoy a multitude of gas pumps, a chapped brisket sandwich and some Beaver Nuggets. Not in those exact words but if your imagination is big enough, you could. For a Garden State resident who has no idea what Buc-ee's is, they most likely went to Google immediately.

What is the Billboard in Question

Ryan Novozinsky was the traveler on the New Jersey Turnpike who posted his picture of the billboard on X:

What does this billboard mean?

Well, according to mysanantonio.com, the 581 mileage listed on the billboard would take you to the Buc-ee's location in Florence, South Carolina. This location opened in 2022 and is the first location in the state. The location has 120 gas pumps and the store is 53,000 square feet which is about 7,000 square feet smaller than the Buc-ee's closest to us in Terrell.

Is Buc-ee's coming to New Jersey?

mysanantonio.com reached out to Buc-ee's to find out if they were planning on building a store in New Jersey. Buc-ee's replied to them saying:

Buc-ee’s is not actively looking for property in New Jersey. Buc-ee’s places billboards in locations where travelers will be alerted to stop at Buc-ee’s for clean restrooms and freshly prepared food.

So no, Buc-ee's isn't coming to the Garden State, at least for now. Hey Buc-ee's, can you work on getting that long rumored location in Lindale, please. It'll make it a lot easier to add to my Buc-ee's t-shirt collection.

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