Texans continue to be living contradictions; they pretend they're bible-belt puritans while getting freaky-deaky behind closed doors.

Image by Klaus Hausmann from PixabayImage by Adam Lapuník from Pixabay
Image by Klaus Hausmann from PixabayImage by Adam Lapuník from Pixabay

Good & Bad

Yes, a person can be "Pious in the streets and freaks between the sheets". To say otherwise would be to ignore some very randy religious figures throughout history.  Texans are no exception to this, certainly serving as part of the bible belt while having a lot of interest in spicing up their sex lives. However, we're not just talking about two adults in the privacy of their home here, we're talking about well, other stuff.

So What's The Other Stuff

This information and the inclusion of Texas as the 4th ranked kinkiest state has to do with searches for sex toys. Yes, sometimes those long-tall Texans get a little lonely and need a latex friend, or couples spice things up by bringing B.O.B. into the relationship (B.O.B.=Battery Operated Boyfriend). I'm only guessing here because the study does not mention what type of "toys" Texans are into. I'd like to assume the Lone Star State is into tame stuff like fuzzy handcuffs, but experience tells me it's probably something more wild.

This Study & Others

This "Kinkiest State" survey was conducted by BedBible. While researching their study, I found this topic broached a few other times. A study by a site called Innerbody says that Texans are into "Roleplay". A 2023 study from Roadsnacks based on Adam & Eve sales actually says Texas is kinda blah and only lists us at #32 overall (Get to spankin', for a better rank in!).

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