Looks like some North Texas water departments were recently under attack from hackers.

US Cybersecurity Firm Confirms Russian Cyberattack on Water Towers

This morning, the cybersecurity team Mandiant shared a report on recent Russian cyberattacks. It looks like a notorious unit of Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency is claiming the attack. Mandiant and the FBI are investigating to see if it was actually GRU or someone posing as GRU that generated the attacks. Here are the three Texas towns that were hit.

Muleshoe, Texas Water Tower

Apparently hackers were able to successfully break in to the Muleshoe water department and start draining water for 30-45 minutes. Officials in the town were able to take the system offline and switch it to manual operations only. The hacked software system was replaced and new steps were put in to secure the network.

Lockney, Texas Also Had an Attempted Cyberattack

Just 75 miles east of Muleshoe, another attack took place in the town Lockney. Local officials detected “suspicious activity” on the town’s SCADA system — a type of industrial computer network that helps oversee water plants. Thankfully, they detected it early and no water was lost during this attack.

Hale Center, Texas Also Hit with Cyberattack

The same attack that happened in Lockney, Texas also happened in Hale Center, Texas. The two towns are only separated by 30 miles. Thankfully just like in Lockney, town officials were able to take the system offline when their system detected an attack. If you're interested in more info on the cyberattacks. CNN has published an article on the incidents here.

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