Summer 2024 is just flying by. Kids have been busy with summer camps, gaming online with their friends, and playing in the pool while parents have been trying to keep them busy with household chores while some have just been chilling out and being lazy.

Seeing how we're approaching the halfway mark of summer break for a lot of East Texas kids, some are starting to hit a wall or soon will because they've run through all of the summer activities and soon the phrase, "I'm bored", will come out of their mouth.

Summer boredom will set in for a multitude of reasons, including a lack of a routine, or limited routines, isolation from friends, and even excessive screen time. Spending that much time online or doom scrolling through social media isn't good for young minds because it leads to inactivity, restlessness, and isolation.

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Before your kids utter the phrase, "I'm bored", you might think about changing up their routine and adding in some spontaneous activities to help keep their minds stimulated, and engaged and just to change things up this summer. But don't overdo it, too many activities can have your kids feeling disengaged.

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