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Driving in East Texas has become a bit more stressful lately it seems. More and more people are moving to Longview, Texas which means more cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles are on the road. With so much traffic there are bound to be accidents from time to time.

As we know Longview drivers are not invincible when it comes to traffic accidents. As the term 'accident' implies, it's not intentional, in most cases, it's an accident. When accidents do happen they are no fun and quite disruptive to your everyday life and bank account too.

Observing basic ESTABLISHED road rules would cut down on a lot of traffic accidents not only in Longview, but Tyler and throughout East Texas too. We all could learn something from a driver education refresher course to relearn some rules of the road, the meaning of traffic signs and signals, what the paint markings mean on the pavement, and more.

Another thing that would cut down on accidents would be locking the cell phone up in the trunk! We know that's not going to happen though, we just need to leave it in a pocket or purse so that we can concentrate on the road and what's happening around us.

After making an open records request to the Longview Police Department, we are now able to see which Longview intersections had the most accidents in 2023.

Here are some tips that drivers throughout East Texas can do to avoid or prevent traffic accidents:

  • Slow down - go the speed limit
  • Watch for cross traffic - whether at a stop light, stop sign or someone pulling out of a shopping center or residential driveway
  • Traffic lights and signals - although it's green, proceed through with caution
  • Avoid distractions - phone calls, texts, eating, putting on make-up, adjusting the radio

While driving, remain alert always be aware of your surroundings, and always formulate an 'escape' plan in case an accident happens right in front of you.

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