More than a decade ago Longview, Texas residents were frequenting the McCann Street Bar and Grill on McCann. It was a place to meet up with and hang with your friends and neighbors to have a beer or mixed drink while grazing on appetizers, burgers, wings, and 'bar food'. Unfortunately in 2012, the business was forced to close because of an economic downturn.

There hasn't been a place like it since. The building has since been several different types of restaurants and now it looks to be returning to its glory days.

This appeared on Facebook Wednesday afternoon:

So far a date hasn't been announced for the re-opening of McCann Street Bar and Grill.

Let's hope the delicious nachos return to the menu. When they closed down in 2012, Robert Smith posted in a Longview Facebook group claiming he had the original recipe. Brown said the nachos were made using:

  • Real tortillas - cut in fourths and fried - not just a bag of chips
  • Whole pinto beans / boiled and seasoned / home made / no liquid / not soggy (not refried)
  • real sausage (added to the beans)
  • little bit of brown sugar / salt
  • Meat - ground beef lean 92/8 season w/ taco seasoning, smush and drain the grease and add seasoning after
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese - thick grated
  • Cooked in the oven 350 degrees to crisp and melt the cheese
  • Vegetables: Romaine Lettuce, Jalapenos, Tomatoes

I'm hungry for nachos now! I bet you are too and now we're all patiently waiting on the opening day announcement!

Welcome back McCann St. Bar & Grill!

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