Two Longview Favorites Link Up For A Unique And Delicious Sandwich Combination I Had To Try.

But first....

DISCLAIMER: The Best Damn Thing I Ate series is where Melz On The MIC checks out restaurants and food trucks all across East Texas for the purposes of review. Melz was not compensated or given free food for his review.

I was in Longview for a live broadcast this weekend and as I was scrolling through my phone, I saw a post from a beloved East Texas' BBQ spot that was offering a sandwich that triggered my inner greedy kid.

 Sunbird Barbecue In Longview Is A Popular Spot In East Texas.


If you've been to the annual Red Dirt Fest or if you're a BBQ aficionado like myself, than you're very familiar with Sunbird Barbecue.

They finally have a brick and mortar location after years as a popular food truck and they are well known for a variety of great BBQ including their burnt ends (more on that in a moment).

They Recently Collaborated With Fellow Longview Business High Street Donuts.


The folks at High Street Donuts are also very popular for their donuts and if you take a peek at their social media, their offerings have folks lined up outside the door waiting.

So these two came together to create a mouthwatering sandwich that was only available for a limited time so if you didn't catch it, you missed out.

They created a pulled pork donut bun sandwich topped with a blueberry pork belly burnt end.

Whoever thought of this was right on point! I rushed over to get my hands on this wild sandwich and arrived right on time to try it.

While small in size, this thing was delicious! It starts with one of Sunbird's renowned pork belly burnt ends which was magnificent. I ate half of it and thought "maybe I need to save some for the sandwich".

After Being Confused At First Bite, I INHALED it.


I took my first bite and was sort of surprised at the lack of "glaze" from the donut even though it looked like there was a lot.

But when I took my second bite, it all came together perfectly: sweet, salty, and savory. The donut didn't "overpower" the taste of the pulled pork and the burnt end. It was fun to eat and it didn't last long at all. I don't know if they will offer it again but if they do, you need to get over there and try on IMMEDIATELY.

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