The Texas is nothing to mess with. Yes, we definitely loathe it most of the time, but its effects are felt across the state. Besides some pretty rough sunburns, the state undergoes a lot of changes due to extreme heat.

The grass turns brown, AC is cranked up to run basically all the time, and staying outside causes us to become sweaty in about 15 seconds. But there's one more Lone Star heat causes, and it's in regards to the grass turning a different color we mentioned.

Why does the grass can color? Well, with no water to help it grow, it withers. Withering grass then presents another issue that may worry Texans: the potential for grass fires rises. But do you know how rapidly a grass fire can start?

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The Answer Can Fully Be Explained In One Video

Some of us don't realize it here in the Lone Star State, but the possibility of a grass fire starting grows as the rain doesn't appear in the Texas. Recently, one Texas resident, while away from their home, was reminded of this scary situation:

How terrifying how the fire began. Even more scary the speed of how burnt the grass become in a matter of moments. This fire spread across the lawn quickly, and according to the video, if a neighbor hadn't spotted the fire spreading, more property could have been destroyed.

The morale of the story? Keep an eye on your lawn, and make sure to keep it hydrated to avoid a situation like this!

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