It's a type of story we're seeing too often nowadays, kids at school being violated by a teacher or coach. It's not easy having to give details of these types of stories, either. The stories are made sadder when it comes from a school district that's close to home in East Texas. This story comes out of LaRue, Texas at LaPoyner ISD where a coach there has been arrested for allegedly using his cell phone to record video of girls while they were in the locker room.

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Phone Found Recording in Girl's Locker Room

Tuesday, September 26, LaPoyner varsity cheerleaders found a cell phone in the girl's locker room. The phone was in a shoe underneath the bench in the locker room. It was positioned with the camera facing in a manner to easily record the room. The phone was recording video when it was discovered. The cheerleaders took the phone to their coach so it could be turned over to campus police so they could turn it over to the proper authorities so an investigation could be carried out.

Suspicious Activity

It was here that another coach, Jammie Allen Maze, the LaPoyner Girls basketball coach and athletic director at the school, took the phone from the coach and began tapping the screen. Maze said that it was his phone and that he had lost it earlier. LaPoyner ISD police were able to gain possession of the phone but the screen had been locked and they were not able to gain access to the phone. It was stored in the superintendent's office until it could be turned over to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

However, the morning of Friday, September 29, the phone couldn't be found in the superintendent's office. It was also discovered that the office had been broken into (KETK).

Police Investigation

Police were able to obtain video of Maze in the girl's locker room about 40 minutes before the phone was discovered. Another video showed Maze tampering with the phone after it was discovered and brought to the other coach (KLTV).

Police were able to get an arrest warrant for Jammie Allen Maze, 44, for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and was taken into custody on Friday, September 29. Police executed a search warrant on Maze's vehicle and home. Maze was booked into the Henderson County Jail with a $250,000 bail. Maze was able to post bail and was released.

Jammie Allen Maze, 44 - Henderson County Sheriff's Office
Jammie Allen Maze, 44 - Henderson County Sheriff's Office

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