This Texas road is said to be haunted AF but, while the ghosts may resemble humans in some ways, they absolutely aren't.

The legend behind this haunted stretch of road includes trains, 5 underground tunnels connected in the shape of a pentagram ... and dead monkeys.

The whole thing starts with a train accident ... some say it was a wagon ... near Athens, Texas back in the 60's.

Legend has it that a circus train was traveling through town when it violently crashed under Thunder Bridge (known to the locals as Monkey Bridge). The surviving monkeys escaped into the forest, but the ones who died in the accident supposedly still haunt the already-creepy overgrown area on West College Street. The legend goes on to say that the escaped monkeys were gathered up by Medford Fuller and kept in giant cages at Fuller Park, where he did unspeakable things and performed creepy rituals. - daytripper

The bridge is gone now but all kinds of creepy things supposedly happen in the area. Especially at the end of the road where Thunder Bridge, known to locals as "Monkey Bridge", once stood.

The ruins of the old monkey cages still stand and can be visited by anyone brave enough to go look at them and Fullers grave also lies within the park named after him.

Supposedly, he performed wicked rituals using the monkeys along with terrible experiments he did on both the monkeys and his own wife.

Others say the surviving monkeys escaped from the wreckage and killed their human captors.

Sounds pretty spooky but there are many, of course, who claim it's all just a fable made up long ago and added to over the years.

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