When you need to get something easy, affordable & convenient in Texas, a dollar store is sometimes the only option. I know speaking from experience, sometimes it's just handy to stop in and get a quick snack or a drink because you don't have anything to eat. Or in the case of working in an area of many stray cats, sometimes getting pet food so we can feed the poor fur babies from starving.

But one thing to remember is that not everything is of high quality at dollar stores in Texas.

Yes, sadly not everything on the shelves is...well the best quality stuff you can get. In recent years there have been several news stories of dollar stores recalling various items due to them containing toxic materials or lesser quality ingredients that are not good for you, your kids, or your pets. Or in some cases, some items that straight up break when people try to use them, causing serious harm. And this has been known to happen in both 2022 AND 2023...the last TWO YEARS. And before you ask, yes Texas has been included in these recall lists.

So it goes without saying that not every item available for purchase are ones that we SHOULD get. There are several items that people have said we should all avoid. So in case you need to know what to be cautious of, here's a list of 12 items found in dollar stores that you SHOULD probably avoid from purchasing on your next visit.

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12 Items to Avoid Buying at Texas Dollar Stores

Of course we've all stopped at a dollar store for a quick snack, a drink or maybe you need to get something at a lower price. However there are several items that people SHOULDN'T get from dollar stores.

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