El Paso is the 6th largest city in Texas and our airport ranks just about the same when compared to other Texas airports.

ELP, (that's the International Air Transport Association, (IATA), identifier code for El Paso International Airport), is the 7th largest airport in Texas, located smack in the middle of the 6th largest city in Texas.

Rock trivia geek side note - The IATA code for the airport in Toronto inspired the name of an amazing instrumental by Rush, YYZ ... watch the video above.

El Paso International Airport, was first opened in 1928 at the urging of world renowned aviator Charles Lindberghe. ELP has had it's share of "firsts", like ...

  • Being the first airport in the nation to have a 130 foot air traffic control tower, (1968)
  • In 2000, ELP became the first Air Traffic Control Tower in the nation to use the STARS radar system - (source)

That list of "famous firsts" also, for what it's worth, includes playing a role in the first airline hijacking in the United States.

Airliner Escorted To Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport Due To Suspicious Passenger
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ELP has also been a training base for space shuttle pilots, is a maintenance hub for USAF T-38 jets and is home to NASA's "Super Guppy"; the last aircraft of it's kind.

If you're dying to find out who is #1, it's DFW,

For a better idea of how MASSIVE DFW is, click here.

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