Texans may love Buc-ee's, but do you love it enough to get married there?

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Wedding season is nearly upon us, and soon couples all over the world will be saying their vows at some pretty amazing venues; maybe a museum or an aquarium, but what about a gas station?

One couple decided to prove their love for each other, and they did it by also proving their love for Buc-ee's! That's right, this Texas couple renewed their wedding vows inside the Buc-ee's travel center in Royse City, Texas.

The groom himself posted the video on the highly popular Buc-ee's Lovers Facebook Group. In the middle of the popular and huge gas station, and in front of Buc-ee Beaver himself as a witness, Stan Siegler and his bride said "I do" and probably lived happily ever after while enjoying some Beaver Nuggets!

As you can see, the bride and groom both wore the appropriate attire for a Buc-ee's wedding! The groom did tell WFAA that he did get permission from the manager beforehand, so everyone was cool with it.

There's no word on why they chose Buc-ee's as their wedding vow renewal venue, but it's apparent that the iconic travel center is an important part of their lives.


This has to be one of these most Texas wedding I have seen; there was another couple who also got married at another one of Texas's favorite places: Whataburger!

Last year, Esther and Bolivar decided to renew their vows at a Whataburger in Brownsville!

Say what you want but I think these two couples are geniuses! Weddings these days are so extravagant and exorbitant. These two couples have it all figured out; just celebrate at Whataburger or Buc-ee's! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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