Doing an endorsement for a product or business is commonplace in radio. Sometimes that endorsement will include receiving a business's product for one of us to try. If we receive that product then don't follow through with the endorsement, that makes the jock, and by extension, the radio station, look bad. In this particular allegation, Jackson Mahomes is the jock with Patrick Mahomes being the radio station.

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For me as an on air personality, there are a couple of hoops to jump through to endorse a product or business. I cannot go to, say, my apartment complex and ask them, "If I mention y'all three times a week on air, then will y'all knock $400 off my rent each month." This falls under the plugola / payola clause of the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. If I did this, I would be personally fined heavily by the FCC and immediately fired by the radio station. If I were to meet with my apartment complex through our sales team with certain agreements being met, then I could legally endorse them on the air.

I spell this out to make a comparison to how Jackson Mahomes, brother of Patrick Mahomes, allegedly treated a company. In a TikTok video from the company Rare Munchiez, they received a message from Jackson saying that he liked their stuff. The company said that they would send him a "care package", which is basically a free box of their product, only asking that Jackson tag the company on his social media feed to get some eyes on the company's product.

Cool. It's an easy thing to do and can be done in a thousand different ways from simply a picture of Jackson opening the product to a whole video of Jackson unboxing and enjoying the product. What appears to have happened is Jackson received the care package but never tagged the company or even mentioned the company as agreed upon.

Jackson allegedly went so far as not communicating any further with the company after receiving the care package. You can see this in the company's TikTok video.

@raremunchiez @jacksonmahomes you didn’t have to lie to us 😔 #raremunchiez #mahomes #scammed #viral #storytime #fyp ♬ Forever - Labrinth

Going back to my explanation at the top, we're seeing more and more instances of Jackson making some bad or embarrassing decisions that are starting to unfairly reflect onto his brother Patrick Mahomes. I know Patrick loves his little brother. But it may be time for Patrick to be the FCC and treat Jackson like a radio station DJ who is making the really good radio station, as a whole, look bad and either heavily fine him (give Jackson some tough love) or fire him (publicly denounce his behavior).

Rare Munchiez isn't out a ton of money for sending some free product to Jackson Mahomes for the hopes of a social media shoutout. But, in the grand scheme of things, they're a small business that wasted a few bucks to do so and that's hurtful for their business.

Jackson, please look at yourself and some of the things you're doing that are not only hurting yourself and giving yourself a bad public image but also the bad image it's giving to your brother Patrick who is doing a lot of good things.

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