Being a celebrity has a big drawback of basically having no privacy. Every little thing is scrutinized by every online detective to the point that false reports start getting to the public. This latest false report involves Patrick Mahomes and a supposed meeting he had with his fiancée, Brittany, and his brother, Jackson.

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On Friday, Fox Sports Radio host, Rich Ohrnberger, went on Twitter to say that Patrick Mahomes believed the antics of his fiancée, Brittany, and his brother, Jackson, were becoming a distraction and affecting his brand negatively. Ohrnberger also said that Mahomes' fiancée and brother had agreed to not attend any more games.

About four comments below the radio host's tweet was a report from TMZ saying that such a conversation never took place.

Patrick Mahomes, who just a couple of days before this report had to defend his fiancée because of a supposed argument caught on video while they were at a Texas Tech basketball game, had to go on Twitter again to defend this alleged story.

Rich Ohrnberger realized his report was false and has apparently deleted his original tweet talking about the story. If you go to the direct link for Ohrnberger's story on Twitter, this is what you get:


He then went on his radio show and explained why he put out this report.

We hate to see stuff like this coming out about our Whitehouse Wildcat Patrick Mahomes. He is the new face of the National Football League with a massive contract so every little thing, including the untrue stuff, is going to get spread around. The things to really look at are the good that Patrick is doing. As the above false story was being refuted, Patrick was in New Orleans for the HBCU Legacy Bowl shining some light on the great athletes at historically black colleges and universities.

Keep your head up Patrick and don't let all the noise get you down. Your support in East Texas will not waiver.

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