Dude. Who doesn't enjoy a good ole Nerf gun battle? It's happening on an epic scale March 21 in Arlington with Jared's Epic Nerf Battle 5. Yes, this is the fifth year of the event. The event is so large that it's very first year in 2016 set a Guinness Book of World Record for "Largest Toy Pistol Fight".

Since then, it has been a favorite annual activity for the entire family. Adults and kids alike dress up, bring their favorite Nerf gun, load up on a ton of foam ammo and have at it on the field of the Dallas Cowboys. I'm in.

Tickets range from $16 to $32 for each participant, no matter the age. You can find them and full details on the event at eventbrite.com.

You can also follow Jared's Epic Nerf Battle on Facebook to get a heads up on the yearly event.

Get that costume together, load up and get ready to battle Nerf style.

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