Jordan Brooker's candid new performance of his song "Over My Head" proves he's as comfortable with just guitar and song as he is a major studio mix. Watch his acoustic video exclusively during this Taste of Country premiere.

The song finds Brooker with a broken heart, using the phrase "Over My Head" in both the symbolic and literal sense. He's a guy watching his love jet off to the west coast after the pair broke up. Why did they break up? Well, that's over the Indiana native's head, as well.

"Didn't see it coming 'til she took off / Since she went to running she's been running all / Over my head, over my head, over my head," he sings to close the chorus.

Brooker says story songs are his favorite to write and he loves that it mixes rock and country. Now living in Nashville, he's working with producer Luke Wooten on an EP, and it sounds like the country vet is just as amped about the project.

"I love the energy of this song," Wooten says. "It’s lyrically a classic country tale of heart break, but has an aggressive and edgy twist that is unexpected and refreshing."

Last month Brooker released a song called "You Are" to streaming services via Warehouse West Entertainment. The new EP will be available on Nov. 2. Expect one more song to be revealed before then.

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