A family whose tragedy led to the adoption of 'Kari's Law' reigned victorious in a wrongful death suit under deliberation this week.

Kari's Law was signed last year following legislation introduced after a tragic death in a Marshall hotel room in 2013. KLTV reports that in December of 2013, Kari Hunt was murdered in her room by her estranged husband, Brad Dunn, who is now serving 99 years in prison. Kari's daughter was there and tried to call 9-1-1, but couldn't because she did not know to dial '9' first for an outside line.

Kari's Law prohibits businesses from requiring an outside line dialing system for anyone trying to call 9-1-1. It was passed and signed by President Trump on what would have been Kari's 36th birthday.

Soon after, Kari's father, Hank Hunt, filed a wrongful death suit against Brad Dunn, as well as OM Lodging , Wyndam Hotel Systems and the Baymont franchises to seek justice for his grandchildren, according to KLTV.

The case was put forth in court this week, and resulted in a jury ruling in favor of Kari's family; however, KLTV reports the ruling will likely be appealed.

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