If I don't have my Christmas decorations up yet, does that make me a 'grinch?'

It seems like everyone else in my neighborhood and on social media has all of their decorations up for Christmas, and yet mine are still crammed in the attic.

I love decorating for Christmas, but this year it just hasn't happened yet. I haven't seemed to squeeze in the time to get the things out of the attic into the house. Plus, my house seems to have inherited a few too many items in the last year. I have no idea where I'm going to place our Christmas tree.

Suburbia Lights Up For Christmas
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I'm really not a grinch, though I enjoy the Seuss story, I just haven't made time yet. I'm looking forward to slowing down over the weekend, and hopefully making it happen. I'll share photos of my results, or lack thereof next week.

No my heart is not two sizes too small, nor my shoes too small. It just seems I cannot find time for it all. Tonight that should change as I help Lucky Larry host the Tyler Christmas Parade in Downtown. We hope to see you there!

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