I'm one of those weirdos who is not afraid of clowns. And to honest, I do not understand why people are afraid of them.

Some have said that the movie "It" made them afraid. The original, not the new one. First, that movie was dumb and horrible and not scary. Unlike Stephen King's book, which was fantastic and actually scary.

But I digress.

Hurts Donuts in Katy, Texas will deliver their sweet treats to you using a scary clown.

I'm sure they won't deliver to East Texas but for those in the Katy area that want it, they just have to call to set up the appointment.

Their donuts do look good, though. Even some gluten-freeish options.

I, personally, would get a kick out of this. If a sweet treat shop in East Texas would deliver using a scary clown, I'd order a dozen for the station.

Happy Halloween freaks and geeks.

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