Kenny Chesney will explore the living conditions of 'Life on a Rock' with the upcoming release of his second album in less than a year. Anchored by the project's first radio offering, 'Pirate Flag,' the 10-track collection will hit store shelves and digital retailers on April 30.

Chesney's personal 'rock' is presumably the stage, given the music superstar's track record as one of the most dedicated and dynamic road musicians in any genre of music. But Chesney says the title is merely a state of mind. "It all depends on what kind of rock you're looking at," the singer states on his official website. "Just living here on this planet, we're all living life on a rock. But for me and for this record, it's about the way life is when you live on an island."

He adds, "Everywhere you go, there's everyone you know. You know everything about them and they know everything about you... and well, that's just a whole other way to be."

Island living has been a familiar theme woven into Chesney discography in recent years, despite his rural West Tennessee upbringing. It was his first encounter with paradise and the lifestyle's warm embrace that influenced the singer to become an advocate for island life.

"When I first went to the islands, I met a lot of people who were making a life beyond anything any of them knew... They were boatmen, bartenders, waitresses, real estate folks," Chesney recalls. "They were all loving life, living a dream and coloring outside the lines with this real sense of freedom."

Elaborating on his fond memories, he says "They took a country singer from East Tennessee into their tribe at a time when having friends outside everything I knew was important. Time passes, life moves on, but those friends lasted, and this album in a lot of ways is about the power of that kind of friendship to endure."

Chesney serves as co-producer on the 'Life on a Rock,' pairing up with his longtime mentor Buddy Cannon for the record. The singer had a heavy hand in penning the material featured on the project, claiming co-writing credits on eight of the album's new original tracks.

'Life on a Rock' is a dedication, of sorts, to the people who embrace an unrestrained, authentic lifestyle. "At the end of the day, what defines life for most people, certainly for me, are the people you share it with," Chesney explains. "When you live in close proximity, you share the highs and lows of every day life and become close in ways you can't even explain."

The singer concludes, "Years go by... People move on... But that time, those friends remain with you no matter where you go. That's where the treasures of being alive are found."

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