Leave it to Florida.

Some middle school kids had to be evacuated from a school bus because one of the students used too much Axe body spray according to kristv.com. Just further proof of how awful that stuff is.

The smell was so bad that EMS was called to check on the students. Another bus had to be scent (yes, I meant that pun) to pick up the evacuated students.

If you're asking yourself, "Michael, did you ever use Axe body spray?" The answer would be, "Yes I did. For about two years of my twenties. But it was only a quick, single spray across the body. That way, you couldn't smell me as soon as I walked in the club."

I still use an Axe product but it's not their body spray, it's their hair styling putty. It works great to spike my hair without making my it hard as a rock and has a very low scent to it. It would be their only product I would endorse.

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