It’s stories like this that quickly remind me how lucky I am each morning. A 24-year-old Houston man by the name of Victor Robles is fighting for his life and his battle has lead him to the streets of Houston, Texas where he is begging strangers for help. 

According to KHOU, Victor has been on kidney dialysis for a year and a half now. It was around that time that he cut his fingers and went to the emergency room for treatment and he found out about his kidney failure.  

Victor Robles in Houston, TX is Spending 12 Hours Per Day on Dialysis 

This brave man is spending half of his day connected to a machine that is helping to filter his blood. A little after 6pm each night he connects the machine and sleeps while the machine does the work needed to keep him alive. Victor is already on the transplant list but as of late his tests haven’t been coming back well so he decided to hit the streets in hopes of finding a matching donor. 

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Finding a Kidney Donor is a Matter of Life or Death 

Victor admits he has a small group of friends so in his spare time after work he finds a street corner with his sign that says, “I don’t want money I just need one kidney. Who can help?” 

He has goals of getting married, having kids, and working for what he wants. But doctors have said it normally takes 5 or 6 years to find a perfect donor. If you are interested in seeing if you could match for someone looking for a kidney (like Victor) you can click here to visit the Houston Methodist’s website or call Victor directly at 713-998-0669. 

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