It's always tough to hear about a local business closing it's doors, but when the owner is dealing with tragedy it's much more difficult to hear. As I was scrolling through social media on a Kilgore group I noticed a post from the owner of Jen's Kids Boutique and it stated that the store would be closing soon.

The owner is Jenny Wudd and Jen's Kids Boutique is located at 1610 US Highway 259 N, Kilgore, TX 75662. While the boutique is still online for now it seems like the store will be closing. The store will be having a sale of 60% off beginning on Tuesday, August 17th through Saturday. Jenny posted online a special thank you to all of the customers who have supported her shop, the hours of operation this week will be from 10:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m.

What Tragic Event Took Place Leading to Jen's Kids Boutique Closing Down?

Jenny was very open when she posted online regarding the closing of the store and the reason of why it is closing. Unfortunately, Jenny is dealing with a tragic event as her husband passed away suddenly. While I've never met the business owner I am wishing Jenny all the comfort needed as she gets through this very difficult time.

How Long Will This Closing Sale Last?

No one is certain exactly how much longer the store will be open so don't wait if you're looking to purchase some items from Jen's Kids Boutique. Now would be a perfect time to show this East Texas business owner that we are supporting her through this tough time.

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