As if businesses here in East Texas don't have enough to worry about now there are reports of fake money being passed, specifically in Kilgore. The details were shared in a Kilgore social media group so we wanted to make sure to pass along the information so no one else becomes a victim. While the fake money was passed in Kilgore, this is something that all East Texans need to keep an eye out for.

We all have been busy at work and let things slip by, while this fake money seems like it would stand out and cause some red flags it's understandable how this would be overlooked. There were multiple people that commented that these bills are used for bank training purposes, also for movies, but regardless it's floating around Kilgore and we need to eliminate this problem as quick as possible.

It Is a Federal Crime to Produce Fake Money

While most people completely understand making fake money is a Federal crime, it's also against the law to possess or pass on fake money. Which means if you receive fake cash and don't realize it, you are then in possession of it, which could land you in some big trouble.

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What Is the Punishment for Having Fake Money

Each case will be a little different, depending on if the person caught is actually creating the money or if someone is just in possession of the fake bills. But the crime is no laughing matter as using or attempting to use counterfeit money can result in a large cash fine and being sent to prison for up to 20 years. I would be sure to check any cash that is handed to you after a transaction.

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