First of all, we're in Texas so we don't really listen to groundhogs, much less know what they even are. February 2 is Armadillo Day, but you know what, I still have trouble believing a mammal that requires four legs to walk to tell me if I should put a coat on.

KLTV explains it best in a Facebook post they shared today, and I'm pretty sure all East Texans can agree: Mark Scirto is OUR groundhog or armadillo or whatever you based your weather-related decisions on. By the way, if you follow is page, you'll never be in the dark when it comes to East Texas weather. #InMARKwetrust

KLTV breaks it down for us:

Punxsutawney Phil:

  • Works one day a year
  • Has never been to East Texas
  • Didn't go to school at all

Mark Skirto:

  • Works all year long
  • Served East Texas for 30 years
  • Has a degree in meteorology

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