Texas is a lovely place to live for the most part. It's fair to say that the state is vast enough to have a region everyone can enjoy. There are several different geographical areas -- giving you oceans, mountains, deserts, and more.

Even with the weather, there are several different climates. The weather on an average day in Texas can be more diverse than almost any other state, according to Texas Master Naturalist. Three major climate types are found in the state -- known as continental, mountain, and modified marine.

However, if you live in certain parts of Texas you'll know there is one thing that kinda sucks -- the humidity. Living in East Texas, I can say that the humidity gets HEAVY, but this area of Texas isn't even the worst.

What makes places humid?

In short, SciJinks defines humidity as, "a measure of water vapor in the air."

If you live in an especially warm area the humidity will, unfortunately, be higher. This is because warmer temperatures cause water to evaporate faster -- and more evaporation means more water vapor rising into the air, thus higher humidity.

According to World Data Review, the most humid places will be those located near the equator. The highest humidity ever recorded was in 2023 with a 95°F dew point in Saudi Arabia.

What are the most humid cities in Texas?

Out of the 5 most humid cities in America, according to research done by Today's Homeowner, Texas makes up two of them.

These cities, both at 90% humidity, are Brownsville at #4 and Port Artur at #5.

While Texas has some really humid places, it also had one city make the list of the least humid places in Texas. That city is El Paso.

If humidity bothers you, you may want to consider living somewhere with less of it. I'd love to say you get used to it, but I can't confidently say that's true.

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