After months of teasing, wondering, and misdirection, Koe Wetzel has finally locked-in the release date for his highly anticipated new album, Hell Paso.

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Over the weekend, Koe was still messing with fans on Twitter about the release, "Hell Paso drops on Tuesday. But I’m half cocked off. Might be Thursday or Sunday. I’ll keep ya posted," he tweeted.

As it turns out, he was 100% "half cocked off," it'll be none of those days. But we don't have to wait long at all. Hell Paso will be released THIS Friday (9/16). Last week he revealed the full, 13-song tracklist, posting teasers on his social media. You can see the track listing below.

What can you expect from the project? Earlier this year Koe told us on Radio Texas, LIVE!, "We're throwing out all the stops on this record. It's more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock. It does have some country sounding songs, but overall it's more of an alternative record."

For those of you eagerly waiting the country album that he's been promising, he's gotta bread crumb for us, "on the very last song of the record," Koe reveals, "you'll get a teaser of the country record. It's only about half-a-song but you'll get the teaser."

And, hey, if you still haven't heard, our inaugural Rose City Music Festival, starring Koe Wetzel and Nelly, is a go for October 8th in Tyler, TX. This will be one of your first opportunities to see Koe live after the release of the new album.

We are coming out swinging with a massive lineup including East Texas native and Platinum selling country-rocker, Koe Wetzel, and Multi-Platinum selling, Grammy award winning rapper, Nelly. Get your tickets here.

Hell Paso tracklist:

1. “Better Without You”
2. “Money Spent”
3. “Oklahoma Sun”
4. “Welcome to Hell Paso”
5. “Creeps”
6. “To Be Continued”
7. “YellaBush Road”
8. “Three Weeks”
9. “Cheers”
10. “Sad Song”
11. “Cabo”
12. “So Low”
13. “April Showers”

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