If you love a peek behind the curtain, this right here is right up your alley. One of the best songs off Whiskey Myers' 2019 self-titled album, which is absolutely stacked with great songs, is "Bad Weather," and three years ago we got a look back at its infancy.

But first, if you hadn't heard we are bringing Whiskey Myers home to Tyler, TX, their first time since 2015, and we've also got Ludacris coming. Don't wait, Get your tickets for Rose City Music Festival right here.

Ok, if you didn't know "Bad Weather" was penned by guitarist John Jeffers who a few years ago stumbled across the original handwritten lyrics and decided to share them with the internet, plus a great backstory from recording day.

Of course Cody Cannon is the lead singer of Whiskey Myers, but the guys are a true band, and there is a lot of talent in this group. Did you ever wonder how Cody Tate wound up singing "Bad Weather"? Dude has a great voice, you'll recall that he sang lead on one of my favorites from the guys' debut album, "Goodbye Girl."

Anyway, I don't know about you, but my first time listening through Whiskey Myers I was confused as hell when I heard Tate's voice on the track. I wasn't expecting it, it took me by surprise and I couldn't immediately place whose voice it was.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I enjoyed the surprise, hearing Cody Tate subdued take on this monster ballad was powerful.

This early hand write isn’t correct but.. I had this one written about 6/7 years ago. We revisited it in the studio on the last record just sifting through the 30 something songs. Cody nominated me to try & sing it, I sounded terrible. So he got in the booth & didn’t feel comfy. We all quickly came to realize that @codytatewm ‘s butter rasp may be the best for the job. He was mid fight in a heated battle [of] video games on his iPad in that moment. We’re thankful he conceded.

Upon its release, Whiskey Myers' self-produced, self-titled raked in 42,000 first-week equivalent album units moved, of that a remarkable 39,000 were in album sales. That's right, that week in 2019 Whiskey Myers had the No. 1 album in the world on the Billboard Country Charts.

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