Weather is a big deal when discussing Texas. We can have all kinds of weather in our state; snow, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and it can be light or extremely severe. We sit in that perfect spot for the development of all kinds of weather with the humid, warm air from the gulf mixing with the cold air from the north, that's why the weather can get really tricky here. We also have to deal with El Nino and La Nina from the Pacific Ocean.

El Nino and La Nina

El Nino -
El Nino -

El Nino is where the warm water of the Pacific Ocean causes the jet stream to move further south. This brings dryer and warmer air to the northern part of the U.S. but will also bring more rain to the Gulf region and southwestern U.S. La Nina moves the jet stream to the north bringing cooler temperatures more humid air to the northern part of the U.S. Drier air takes over the Gulf region and southwestern portion of the U.S.

La Nina -
La Nina -

La Nina also brings the possibility of much larger and potentially more powerful hurricanes for the Gulf region and East Coast. All of the states in those areas are aware of that possibility and have plans in place. This will also give us in the south a much warmer winter than normal. We'll still see some cold days but are less likely to see frigid temperatures during La Nina.

Neutral Phase

In between an El Nino and La Nina, there is a neutral phase where the weather pattern is in between the extremes of the weather patterns. This will mean that we could see some brutally high temperatures this summer in Texas and East Texas.

Right now, we are in that neutral phase between El Nino and La Nina (KETK). La Nina is expected to take over starting sometime between July and September. Be ready because we could see some interesting weather as get deeper into the summer.

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