There isn't a soul in this country that hasn't experienced the old 'dinner bill dance' when the check comes along. Whether it's a first date, a group of friends, or your parents - it always gets a little stressful.

Growing up, I was taught that the guy pays for everything, or else he risks coming off as cheap or at least not a gentleman. I always hated that - maybe because I'm cheap - but to me, if I pay for everything, how does that look? I'm not trying to impress with my wallet at the age of 30. It's my 'boyish charm' and Rico Suave good looks that 'pay my bill'. I'm so kidding.

Insider posted an article on Facebook explaining the proper etiquette for who pays the restaurant bill. I thought this was pretty spot on, so I wanted to share the scenarios.

Paying while dating. Man does not allow woman to pay the bill. Dating etiquette

Dinner with a Date:

Whoever asked for the date pays, regardless of gender.

Double Date Dinners:

Split between couples, and whoever asked for each respective date pays.

Dinner with Your BF/GF:

Take turns treating each other, or split it evenly.

Business Dinners:

The inviter should always pay. Businesses should pay when taking clients out.

Dinner with an Acquaintance:

Split evenly if meals are close in price. It's OK to ask for separate checks if one's meal is much more expensive.

Dinner with a Close Friend:

Split evenly is meals are close in price. It's OK for close friends to take turns treating each other.

teenager boy shocked expression after see bill for pizza

Birthday Dinners:

Tradition usually says everyone pitches in for the birthday boy/girl. But if you throw your own shindig, they might not think they have to pay for you.

Dinner with a Coworker:

Everyone pays for themselves.

Dinner with Family Members:

Parents usually pay for their children even when they're adults. But sometimes the child will want to make a gesture and pay for the meal. For siblings, either take turns paying or split the bill.

For even more scenarios, you can check out the Insider article, Here's how to split the restaurant bill in any situation.

Y'all are gonna think I'm cheap now, aren't you?

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