Whataburger is one third of the Texas Holy Trinity, the other two being H-E-B and Buc-ee's. While not every town has an H-E-B or Buc-ee's, just about every town has a Whataburger. You would think that every town in Texas would have at least one. Well, apparently not. I think its understandable for a town with less than a couple thousand, but for a city with a population of just over 77,000, you would think it would have three or four locations. The town with that over 77,000 population is Flower Mound, Texas, just north of the DFW Metroplex and they do not have a Whataburger...until now.

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Whataburger Locations

Whataburger is currently in 373 cities in 14 states with a total of 905 locations. Texas obviously dominates that statistic with 712 locations in the state. So yeah, its hard to imagine that a city or town in Texas would not have at least one Whataburger there. Tyler, for instance, has a population of just over 106,000 and has twelve Whataburger locations to choose from. That puts Tyler at number eight of cities with the most Whataburger locations.

Small Town and Big City Locations

My hometown of Lindale, with a population of just over 6,000, has two locations, one near downtown and the other just added at the Interstate 20 and Highway 69 corridor (technically that location is tax revenue for Tyler but we're saying Lindale just for better locating purposes). Longview has a population of almost 82,000 and has five locations. Point being, towns of different populations have at least one, possibly more, Whataburger locations.

Flower Mound, Texas

For the city of Flower Mound, population 77,243, they have to drive to Lewisville or Highland Village to get their Whataburger fix. That will soon change for the largest Texas city without a Whataburger. The Flower Mound Town Council approved a new development that will bring a Whataburger along with a Slim Chickens and a Dutch Bros coffee shop to their town (crosstimbersgazette.com). If all goes well, all three locations should be opening by spring of 2024.

It will be great to actually have a Whataburger in town. The largest city in Texas that doesn’t have a Whataburger is Flower Mound. I have eaten at a Slim Chickens, I think it’ll do well in Flower Mound, as well. - Councilman Jim Engel

Sadly, it won't have a classic A-frame Whataburger design, it will be the more modern look that long time fans are not fond of. But hey, the town will get their first Whataburger and the more Whataburger locations, the better. Flower Mound, Texas, you will soon get to enjoy a number one with cheese with a Dr Pepper on your own turf. That's pretty cool.

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