Lauren Alaina and her father, J.J. Suddeth, hit the stage together at church recently, singing 'How Great Is Our God' during the service.

The duet took place at River of Life Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., and away from the spotlight, Alaina and her dad were both completely focused on the powerful lyrics of the song. The 'American Idol' singer's eyes were closed, taking in the moment. When they belted out the last note, Alaina's dad leaned over and kissed her cheek. (Note: Video has since been removed.)

It's clear from the performance that Suddeth passed on some of his musical prowess to his daughter; they harmonized throughout the song, trading off the lead while he strummed the acoustic guitar.

Alaina has admitted before that her father was her very first guitar player, and it was sweet to see the two picking up the same ritual from her childhood days.

While daddy-daughter duets seem to be old hat for Alaina and her dad, life hasn't always been as easy as their synchronized singing may seem. Suddeth is a recovering alcoholic who recently went through treatment in an attempt to say 'no' to the bottle -- something he struggled with for a very long time.

Alaina's song 'Same Day Different Bottle' is about her dad's alcoholism, and writing the bravely emotional track was therapeutic not only for the songstress, but also for her pops.

"That song was like therapy for me. It’s not easy growing up in a household with something like that," she shares. "I love my dad -- he’s one of my favorite people in the world — and he’s a great person. He just struggled with alcohol, and he’s overcoming it right now, so I’m really proud of him.”