Dress codes at schools are nothing new. Not liking dress codes as a student is nothing new either. I remember my high school days at Lindale. I remember always finding ways to try to subvert the dress code.

I will say, I don't know how they let me slip by with my hair. I always had it long. This is a picture of me in high school. Can't remember what grade, though. I'm the one in the front with glasses. Keep the laughter to a minimum.

Stephanie Gibson
Stephanie Gibson

By the time I graduated in 1996, it was longer than that.

I guess school officials have tightened their grip on the dress code lately. A Lindale student was sent home because his hair was too long according to KETK. Not too long in the back, but in the front.

The parents cut his hair. But the next day when the student went back to school, he was still disciplined for hair covering his eyes even though it was cut above his eyebrows.

The students mother, Tracy Turner, told KETK, "It's not that I think he's special or above the rules or anything like that. When they sent him home and said it was in his eyes, it was in his eyes, so I didn't have a problem with that and I cut it."

The students father, Chuck Turner, said, "We teach him at home to be respectful, talk to anybody, yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir. He has done that, we've had no complaints. I don't understand how a little fraction of an inch can make the difference and how it can be so distracting."

How do you feel about this? Watching the story from KETK, I don't see a problem with it or see how it violates the policy.

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