Believe it or not, the college football season is just around the corner. Most of us have those select schools that we love to root for and those we love to root against. For me, I've always been a Texas Longhorns fan. So, yeah, no matter how successful schools like Oklahoma or Texas A&M are, I will never root for them. That doesn't mean we can't be in awe of how elaborate or modern any college locker room is. For the Longhorns, their renovation five years ago is still something to marvel at.

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In 2017, the University of Texas at Austin opened their new locker room for the football team. It is quite something to go through, too. The showers and bathrooms would be something out of a top notch hotel.

The lockers themselves are a modern marvel. They have doors that when closed provide a smooth and appealing look. When the doors are open, the locker is robust with features. The players helmet is placed on a stand that blows air to keep the helmet dry. The shoulder pads can be placed over that. There are stands for playing gloves. There is also a lockable box for the player to store their valuables that even has a plug to charge their phone or other devices.

The aesthetics of the locker room are something to be amazed at, too. Above each locker is a 37 inch TV that can display a simple name plate or include a quick video highlight of that player from the previous game. The room can be bright and lively or turn the lighting down with a burnt orange glow to highlight the intimate setting.

Take our virtual tour below and see how this year's Longhorn players can get ready for the game in style.

Check Out the Sleek and Modern Texas Longhorns Locker Room

Even though it opened in 2017, the Longhorns' locker room is still something to marvel at.

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