While you can find bigger pieces of land for sale that cost more than this amazing property, this one comes with an absolutely gorgeous home. Before you get sticker shock this 5 bedroom and 6.5+ bathroom home is huge coming in at 8,697 square feet sitting on 2.13 acres. Which is why they are asking just under $2.5 million dollars for this well set up home and property in Longview.

When I say it's set up, what I mean is there are things that kids will enjoy like the fabulous waterslide into the pool in the backyard. But it also has an underground storm shelter to make sure you're family is safe from unpredictable weather. The address of this expensive yet beautiful home is 1 Thorntree Drive in Longview.

This House Comes With So Many Wow Factors

Beyond looking gorgeous from the outside this home has everything you would need. It has two living room areas, a game room, an office. The kitchen is beautiful and just perfect for any chef or baker who wants to make any culinary masterpiece. The outside kitchen area is stunning, plus there is a fantastic pool and spa when you want to get in the water. The house was built in 2014, and comes with a 4 car garage.

You Might Be Able to Get a Good Deal on This House in Longview

While I don't have the $2.5 million dollars needed to purchase this home, someone wanting this home might get a good deal. The reason I say that is because the home has been on the market for over 1000 days. After trying to sell the home for almost 3 years, I would think the seller would be ready to make a deal if the offer is close to what they're asking.

Longview House with Storm Shelter and Waterslide

This house for sale in Longview has a storm shelter and a waterslide.

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