Well it looks like SOMEBODY in Longview is a brand new millionaire thanks to a Texas Lottery Scratch Off ticket!

According to a press release we received from the Texas Lottery, a Longview resident claimed a top prize winning ticket worth $3 million in the Texas Lottery scratch ticket game $750 Million Winner’s Circle. The ticket was purchased at Murphy Express 8894, located at 301 E. Loop 281, in Longview.

The claimant has elected to remain anonymous which is the smart move because when you get new money like that all the new "family members" and greedy folks come after you.

The Texas Lottery went on to add that this was the eighth of 12 top prizes worth $3 million to be claimed in this game. The $750 Million Winner’s Circle game offers more than $750 million in total prizes. Overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 2.88, including break-even prizes.

We still have no word on the OTHER winners we told you about last week where a winning ticket worth $5 million was purchased in Longview but still hasn't been claimed yet along with a $1 million Powerball ticket that was purchased in Waco that still hasn't been claimed yet either.

All I know is, with all this money floating around, I might have to throw down a buck or two to play! Congratulations to whoever is taking home that big prize and we wish you the best of luck, even though you probably don't need it at this point.

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