When kids go trick-or-treating they are expecting to knock on your door and get candy such as a snickers bar or a bag of skittles. Most kids are not expecting to choose either chicken, beef, or shrimp and then receive some Top Ramen but that is exactly what happened in Longview this past weekend.

While you might think the decision to hand out Top Ramen is unusual it seemed to be quite the hit with people trick-or-treating seeing as how a total of 671 packages were handed out on Halloween. Obviously, this became a hot topic on social media and there were lots of comments about how long the line got as people were excited about the ramen.

People Started Commenting What Unusual Items They Have Handed Out on Halloween

It was incredible to see the variety of items that were handed out by people on Halloween, there were comments of goldfish crackers or even ketchup and mustard packets. But in the end most people appreciated that anything was given out. There were a few negative comments but most people realize how generous it is for anyone to provide any sort of snack or treat handed out on Halloween.

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Top Ramen Will Be the New Hot Trend for Halloween in 2022

So many people seemed excited about Top Ramen, you might want to tell your kiddos now that they will probably get Top Ramen next year when trick-or-treating. It will also be interesting to see what other foods might get distributed next year across East Texas.

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